Who can participate?
Participation is open to girls and boys in grades 6th – 12th who attend Borah High School and any of the junior highs or elementary schools that feed into Borah: South, West, Amity, Grace Jordan, Hawthorne, Hillcrest, Jefferson, Maple Grove, Monroe, Owyhee, and Whitney.

What equipment or gear is required to participate?

Team members need a bike, a helmet, appropriate clothing, and a water bottle or hydration pack. Gloves, pads, and eyewear are not required. If you do not have a bike, the Borah team may be able to provide one to you for the season. Please contact the Team Director, Stephen Crumrine, with questions at


Are there participation fees?

Membership Fee (required); all student-athletes $175.00

Students cannot participate in any league-sanctioned events (including team practices) without first registering with the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League (IICL) and paying the non-refundable membership fee.  Fees for races, camps and other league events are paid separately.

Available 4/1/21 to 10/4/21.


Race Fees (required, if student wants to race); purchase a race season pass or puchase individual races

Students must pay to particiapte in races. Season Pass (optional): High School: $150.00 / Middle School: $125.00

Season Passes will be available 7/1/21 and 7/31/21 and cover registration fees for 5 races.  Purchasing a Season Pass rather than paying for individual races will save you $125 to $150.

Individual Race Registration (optional): $50 per race – ONLY REQUIRED IF SEASON PASS WAS NOT PURCHASED

After season pass sales end, individual race entry fees will be available for the remainder of the season. Individual race fees can be purchased from 8/1/21 to 10/4/21 and subject to individual race registration deadlines. Online registration closes the Monday prior to each race at midnight.





Possible costs include: costs associated with your bike, bike maintenance, appropriate bike clothing, and travel expenses for race weekends.

Is there financial assistance available to help with costs?
Yes! There are plenty of scholarships available through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and many of our riders get both their registration fee and races paid for through this assistance. The application will be available April 1, 2021. Please contact Team Director, Stephen Crumrine, if you would like more information a

Financial assistance will be awarded in two phases:

Applications will be reviewed between 4/1/21 and 6/30/21 to cover full or partial Membership Fees.

A second application will need to be submitted and reviewed between 7/1/21 and 7/31/21 to cover full or partial Season Pass fees.

There is no financial assistance available for individual race entry fees.
In addition, if you do not have a bike, the Borah team may be able to provide one to you for the season. Please contact the Team Director, Stephen Crumrine, with questions at

How and when do team members register?

Registration opens each year on April 1 and NICA uses a website, known as the Pit Zone, for both league and race registrations. In early April, you will receive an email invitation from the league with a link to register through the Pit Zone. We encourage all team members to complete their registration no later than June 1 so that we can prepare for the season.

If you need help navigating the Pit Zone or have questions about registering through the Pit Zone, check out this helpful NICA Pit Zone FAQs webpage.

It’s after June 1 – can new team members still register and participate with the team?
Yes, you can register until June 30, 2021. After that date, you will need to contact the Team Director, Stephen Crumrine. No new registrations will be accepted after July 30, 2021.


When does the practice season start?
The season officially starts on July 1 each year. Our first practice is tentatively scheduled for July 6, 2021. Our last practice will be likely be the first week of October 2021. We will share our "borahmountianbiketeam" Google Calendar with everyone in advance.

How many days per week does the team practice? 
We practice three (3) days per week until school starts on August 16, 2021. After that, we limit practices to two (2) days per week. We do not practice on weekends and we try to schedule practices early in the morning (before school starts) or later in the evening to avoid the heat.

How long do practices last and where are the located?
Practices typically last about two (2) hours. We practice at different locations in the Boise area like Military Reserve, Camel’s Back Park, Harrison Hollow, or the Polecat Gulch Reserve.

What equipment or gear is required for practices?

Team members need a bike, a helmet, appropriate clothing, and a water bottle or hydration pack. Gloves, pads, and eyewear are not required. You may also want to consider having sunscreen, spare tube, tire pump, tire levers, and multi-tool. 

Can parents ride with the team during practice?

Yes, we welcome parent riders and greatly appreciate the support of parents during practices! With multiple practice days and time, plus a growing number of riders, we are always looking for parents to help led practice rides.


Parents must receive a Level 1 Certification through the NICA Coach Licensing Program to ride with the team during practices. The certification process is simple and requires a background check and concussion training as well as watching a few instructional videos followed by a short quiz. Parents are responsible for the registration and background check fees. Contact Team Director, Stephen Crumrine, at borahmountainbiketeam@gmail for information about coach scholarships.



How long is the race season?

The first race is typically held in late August. The last race, and State Championship, is typically held in early October at Bogus Basin. Please check back after April 1st for updated information.


How many races are there and where are they located?

The league hosts six (6) races. The Borah Mountain Bike Team participates in five (5) races. Visit the League's Race Series webpage for more information about individual race dates and locations.


Race 1: Brundage Mountain on August 21, 2021

Race 2: Magic Mountain on August 28, 2021

Race 3: Grand Targhee on September 11, 2021

Race 4: Jug Mountain on September 25, 2021

Race 5: Portneuf Wellness Complex/McNabb Ranch on October 2, 2021

Race 6: (State Championship) Bogus Basin on October 9, 2021


How do team members register and pay for races?

There is no onsite registration and you must register for races through the Pit Zone. After the 7/31/21 deadline to purchase a Season Pass closes, individual race entry fees can still be paid for the remainder of the season. Online registration closes the Monday prior to each race at midnight.


Do team members have to race?

No. There is no requirement to race and no pressure from the team to race. However, we do find that most team members – even those who thought they weren’t interested in racing – end up racing and love it!


Who do team members race against?

For the most part, other riders in the same grade and of the same sex. Grades 6th through 9th race against other kids in the same grade (6th graders against 6th graders, etc.). Grades 10th through 12th are placed into categories based on their abilities (Varsity, JV1, and JV2).

How long is each race?

Races vary in length depending on the age and category placement of the rider. A typical lap is 4 to 6 miles and 600 to 800 vertical feet. Grades 6th through 8th ride one (1) lap while Varsity boys ride four (4) laps. Races are from 1 lap (grades 6, 7 & 8) to 4 laps (varsity boys), depending on rider placement. Riders are typically organized in four (4) waves featuring a total of at least 17 races.


Does attending races take the entire weekend?

In some instance, yes. Out-of-town travel is required for all races except Bogus Basin. There are more Pre-Ride opportunities on Friday and pre-race warmups can start as early as 6 am on Saturday morning. In addition, we encourage team members to attend the Awards Ceremony and cheer on the team, which can happen as late as 6 pm and you might prefer not to drive home afterwards.


What is the Pre-Ride?

The Pre-Ride is a regularly scheduled practice ride on the course that takes place on the same weekend as the race. Pre-rides take place at designated times Friday afternoon and evening as well as early Saturday morning before races start. Riders must have their number plates attached to their bikes for the Pre-Ride.


Do team members need to leave school early on Friday for race weekends?

We leave that decision up to individual team members and their families. Although pre-riding the course is an important component to safety, familiarity, and comfort on race day, team members have the option to pre-ride the course on Saturday.


Does the team provide travel to team members for race weekends?

No, the team does not provide travel nor does the team travel together. However, the team does provide travel information ahead of race weekends. If needed, we encourage team members and families to coordinate carpooling.


Does the team organize lodging accommodations and meals for race weekends?

Race weekends are an opportunity for riders and their families to camp as a team. Our coaches arrive early to each race location to secure a campsite(s). Team members or families who do not wish to camp are responsible for arranging their own lodging.


Meals are served potluck style and each team member or family is asked to contribute to meals. We share dinner on Friday evening plus breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Meal coordination is done in advance of each race using an online signup sheet.



Is mountain biking dangerous?

Every sport has the potential for injuries. When youth are properly taught how to ride a mountain bike, injuries are rare and usually minor. Our coaches are trained not only in coaching biking fundamentals, but also in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and concussion management so they know how to recognize and deal with injuries should one occur. If an injury were to occur at practice or in a race, the league provides supplemental insurance to cover any costs not covered by primary insurance.

For specific information about concussions, please visit the league's IICL Concussion Protocol webpage.


How do I learn how to ride trails safely?

All riders will learn proper bike handling skills, the fundamentals of safely riding a bike before we head to the trails, bike path etiquette, and NICA conduct and safety standards for race days.



Are parents required to volunteer?
Volunteering is not required but is strongly encouraged and much appreciated. The League is a volunteer-based organization and can always use more help on race days. 

What volunteer opportunities exist for interested parents?
Help with setup and cleanup with team shared meals, contributing to potluck menus (if we’re sharing food this season), set up and take down team equipment, help with recruiting sponsors and fundraising, coaching, end of season party and recognition of riders and coaches.

Why am I being asked to volunteer for the League on race days?
Team placement and early setup times in the Pit Zone are based on the number of volunteers from each team on race weekends. Optimal or desirable Pit Zone locations are given to those teams with the most volunteers. Additionally, signing up for volunteer positions early in the season also contributes to Pit Zone location. For every six student athletes participating in a race, we must fill one volunteer position. 

Potential race weekend volunteer opportunities are:
Announcing Assistant Volunteer 
Course Setting 
Course Marshal 
Feed Zone Marshal 
Finish Line Support Crew 
Infield Set-Up 
Parking Volunteer 
Registration Volunteer 
Scoring Assistant 
Staging Official 
Sweeper Volunteer